This section is intended for all WLL Coaches

The purpose of this section is to offer materials that should help coaches organize and execute training and game days.  It is not mandatory to use these materials posted, but highly recommended to use these or similar tools to make your experience coaching children much more structured and relaxing, allowing everyone to enjoy the game.

Please remember the following and feel free to share with parents if need be.

Have Fun

2019 WLL Coach Development program

As mentioned in our President’s message, here are the elements we are introducing for the coming season:
  • Pre-season seminars and clinics for new and returning coaches.
  • Free coaching resources (publications, videos, tools) to improve their ability to instruct and coach.
  • Mandated community-team-based practices within all divisions where coaches can learn and develop a best practices approach to instruction and team management.
    • Community-based practices have more than one team on a diamond at the same time, working on drills with other teams and coaches, run and supervised by senior WLL coaches.
    • Tee-ball and Rookie:  All practices scheduled at Nort Johnson Park will be community-based all season long.
    • Minor and Major:  Early season practices will be community-based.


Baseball Diamond Template (One Center Fielder)

Tyke Baseball Diamond Template (Two Center Fielders)

Batting Order List

Little League University – Coaches Link