All-Star Team

2019 WLL All-Star Tournament Team Program

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  • Eligible Divisions
    • Rookie Division (Ages 6-8 before Sept 1st 2019)
    • Minor Division (Ages 8-10 before Sept 1st 2019)
    • Major Division (Ages 10-12 before Sept 1st 2019)
  • Tournament Team selection is on a try-out basis only.  Coaches will assess players for skill, experience, mental/emotional maturity, and character.
  • Tryouts will be scheduled in late April 2019.
  • Tournament Team travel throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the North-East US may be required.
  • Program will include weekly team practices (both indoor off season and outdoor in-season), tournaments, and LL District 1 friendlies.
  • Only players with extensive experience, and a combination of both coach-pitched, machine-pitched, and Tee-Ball Baseball exposures are encouraged to tryout for Tournament Teams.
  • Players registered under other OBA REP Programs may require a release from their previous OBA association to play.
  • WLL Tournament Team players are required to participate in the WLL House League program, to be eligible for Tournament Team play.
  • The number of teams per division will be solely based on the number of interested registrants and coaching volunteers available by division.
  • Each Team will have between 10 and 12 eligible roster spots available through tryouts.
Minor Division All-Star Tournament team 2019 season – Published events/dates



More Details regarding costs, tryout schedules, season schedules and overall time commitment to be provided as information becomes available

Check back here often for more information.